Preparation of a Project is Perfectly Psycho

When a producer finds that script, that project, the one that they know they just have to do, there is an immediate euphoria that takes over.  Visions of success, excitement in dealing with new talent, directors, other producers, and the like, and a feeling that this project is going to be a bigger success than anything they have ever done.

This feeling lasts for about an hour.

What follows is the fear of failure, the struggle to synchronize thoughts of success with the hill that must be climbed to even get the film started.  The producer must first work through the script.  What may seem like perfection will slowly reveal slight flaws in tone, character, and plot.  These are dealt with in a surgical manner: meeting with the writers, the talent, getting everyone’s take and then incorporating these ideas without losing sight of the initial story that is to be told.  Then there is the struggle for funding:  finding investors who believe, as the producer does, that this film will be a success, convincing the team working on the project that their pay rate may have to be lowered in order to make the film they all want to see.  Once production starts there is the constant flow of problems, information, and dealing with the small things on a set:  food for the crew, making sure the locations are suitable and still available, ensuring that everyone gets to and from the set on time.

By the end of production, the producer has lost all sense of reality.  The whirlwind of the shoot has caused a lack of sleep which in turn has caused a sense that reality is slowly fading away.  A worry sets in that threatens to reduce the producer to a small child cowering under their parent’s stern looks.  Everything feels like it is in limbo, all the way to the premier where the producer can not help but bite their nails until they draw blood on their trembling hands.

The next day, after all is said and done, the producer wakes up, maybe they breathe a little easier, maybe they even allow themselves a smile.  Then, they start back on the road to find the next project that will drive them insane.

Preparation of a Project is Perfectly Psycho

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